Oak City, Utah Weather

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Station ID: CW3996   Elevation: 5135   Lat:  39 22' 20" N   Long: 112 20' 02" W

Welcome to Oak City, Utah Weather Webcam 1 (Northeast)    Click image to enlarge
  Current Conditions
  Last Updated: 12/16/17 3:12p
  Station Type: Davis Vantage Pro2
  Temperature   31.8 F
  Wind Chill    27.8 F
  Humidity   78 %
  Dewpoint   25.7 F
  Wind Speed   3.0 mph
  Wind Direction   WNW
  10 Min. Avg. Wind Speed   4.0 mph
  Barometer   30.012 in
  Barometric Trend   Steady
  Daily Rain   0.00 in
  Air Density    0.0806 lb/cu.ft
  Solar Radiation    32 W/m
  Ultraviolet Index    0.0 index
  Webcam 2 (South)  Click image to enlarge
  Today's Highs and Lows
  High Temperature   38.3 F at 5:26a
  Low Temperature   23.3 F at 7:12a
  Low Wind Chill    14.0 F at 7:13a
  High Humidity   78 % at 3:09p
  Low Humidity   27 % at 5:25a
  High Dewpoint   26.0 F at 2:49p
  Low Dewpoint   6.0 F at 5:32a
  High Wind Gust   15.0 mph at 7:20a
  High Wind Gust Last 10 min   7.0 mph
  High Barometer   30.042 in at 12:01a
  Low Barometer   29.935 in at 3:33a
  High Solar Radiation   348 W/m at 12:09p
  High Ultraviolet Index   1.2 index at 12:09p
  Sunrise Time: 7:43a   Sunset Time: 5:07p
  Current Moon Phase   New Moon
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