Oak City, Utah Weather Records


I thought it would be interesting to research Oak City's weather history, to find out when it was the hottest, coldest, wettest, driest, etc.. I was able to get data for Oak City from the National Centers for Environmental Information in Asheville, North Carolina. I was able to get weather data as far back as 1905. There are many discrepancies in the data. The records on these pages are based solely on my interpretation of the data.  Update 8/23/2015: I re-obtained the data for Oak City 1905-2015, from the NCEI in Asheville, N. C. . They have made many corrections to the data, but many discrepancies remained. I compared the new data with the old data that I had and where the two datasets disagreed I compared that data to a copy of the original observer's observations that I was able to obtain. The records in these pages have been updated to reflect the changes in the data.

Days with missing data were not considered. Months with more than five days of missing data were not considered for monthly records. Years with any month with more than five days of missing data were not considered for yearly records.

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Records Introduction displays this page.

Daily Records shows the records for each day of the year, such as, avg/max/min high temperatures, avg/max/min low temperatures, avg/max rainfall, avg/max snowfall, and the number of years that had entries for each day.

All Time Records is a collection of records derived from various elements such as temperature, precipitation, and wind. Wind records are derived from my own observations.

Top Ten Lists contains a collection of lists such as Hottest Days, Coldest Days, Wettest Days etc.

Millard County All Time Records is a collection of records from weather stations in Millard County, Utah, to find the hottest, coldest, wettest, driest, etc., location in the county. To be considered, a location must have at least twenty years of data, or be a currently active station with at least five years of data.

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