Personal Histories of Some Ancestors

Here are some personal histories of some of my ancestors. Some of these histories were written decades ago and may contain information which has since been found to be incorrect. These histories may help give a better understanding about the lives of these people.

These histories are in *.pdf format. If you need to, you can get Adobe Reader to view these files.

Marvin R Finlinson           Elva Anderson Finlinson

George Edward Finlinson           Mary Caroline Roper Finlinson      Part 2

Jens Franklin Anderson           Eliza Hartley Anderson

George Finlinson           Susan Trimble Finlinson

Alvin Roper           Martha Lydia Lyman Roper

Joseph Smith Anderson and Anne Margrethe Nielson Anderson

Farewell Harrison Hartley and Caroline Carlson Hartley

Joshua Finlinson

Edward Trimble

Henry Roper           Mary Ann Grayson Roper

Caroline Ely Partridge Lyman

Ane Pederson Anderson Lovell

Lars Nielson           Lars Nielson Testimony           Sidsel Pedersen Nielson

Eliza Gill Hartley


Other Histories

Loy Anderson

Josephine Hartley Zundle

Sarah Wells Hartley Curtis

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